(Place Of Origin:Guangdong China (mainland) Brand Name:Xindi )
  • Professional hydraulic 5D movie theater equipments for sale
  • Price:USD 30.00
  • Min. Order :1 Set
  • Region:China
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  • Place Of Origin:Guangdong China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Xindi
  • Model Number:Xd5d
  • Type:5d Movie Theater Equipments
  • Voltage:380v
  • 5d Seat/chair Color:Red, Blue, Black Or Custom-made
  • 5d Chair/seat Driver:Hydraulic Platform
  • Name:Hydraulic 5d Movie Theater Equipments For Sale
  • Warranty:One Year
5D movie theater equipments for sale
1.small risk,high return
2.professional hydraulic system
3.offer overseas installation

Professional hydraulic 5D movie theater equipments for sale

5D movie theater equipments



What is 5D cinema / 5D theater


The invention of 5D cinemas allowed us to plunge in the world of virtual reality, this technology is a perfect combination of 3D images and effects produced by the special equipements upon the human perceptive organs.

You become totally involved in what is happening on the screen, and feel movements, rays of sun,wind blowing and humid air of ocean breeze etc.


Our 5D cinema /  theater based on 3D stero cinema /  theater and professional motion / dynamic hydraulic seats/ chairs has added various kinds of enviromental effects including  lightning simulation, rain simulation, snow simulation, smog simulation, bubble simulation, hot drop dropping, vibration, air blast, mist spray, leg tickler, ear wind, ear sound and etc.


Hydraulic system 5D cinema equipment


6-dof 5D hydraulic dynamic / motion seats / chairs


It is assembled with 6 hydraulic cylinders, 2 iron platforms, engine, control unit and air cooler. Along with the different combinations of 6 cylinders’ up-and-down movement, the upper platform moves toward 6 dofs, X, Y, Z, α, β, γ, to simulate the real world.Actually, besides 6 dofs, the platform is improved by adding 8 more movement directions including left-front, left-back, right-front etc.



6 seats, 8 seats, 9 seats and 12 seats available






  Special enviromental effects

5D cinema / theater system


• 5D motion seats (effects: water, leg sweep, vibration, face aie ,ear air, push back)

• 5D special effect system(water spray machine,  bubble machine , snow machine, wind machine, lightning machine , air compressor)

    5D special effects: wind ,rain,snow,bubble, lightning, fog etc

• 5D special sreen.

• 5D projectors system

• sound system.

• 5D stereo-glasses


Product features

• Dynamic seats move corresponding to the film story. It is non-polluted, safe and reliable, there are safe belt and armrest on it.

• The operating cost is low, it is easy to operate, and it can save energy, it is convenient to transport and install.

• Dynamic seats can go up and down, pitch, and swing. It is reliable. The over-all structure is durable in use, the designed fixed number of year is 10years.

• The seat material is a special antiseptic material,which can effectively kill several kinds of harmful bacteria.

• Our company developed audio control vibrator independently, it is installed inside the seats,there is no noise. 5D multi channel surround sound system is designed and produced taking fully account of the stereoscopic motion pictures in 5D Cinema and can accurately locate objects in the motion, so that the sound is also stereo 5D film together to form a real three-dimensional sense of space, taking moviegoers to a simulative world.



5D movie


Our service


  1. We offer one year warranty for our products

  2. If you have the cinema / theater layout can tell us the dimmension of it, we have our professional team to help you design and arrange the seats/ chairs of 5D.

  3. We offer you the professional 4D/5D/6D cinema movies which do it by us for free, because we have our own technician to update the 3D movies / films.

  4. When making the delivery of 5D, we will send you the instruction of how to install 5D theater . But if you don't know how to, we will dispatch our technician to your location to help you install the 5D, which is offered without charge.  So what you need to do for our technician is to arrange the return ticket,boarding and lodging at your location.

  5. During the period of gurantee we will supply you for free the damaged key parts including motor, monitor etc. induced by non-human factors.


About Guangzhou zhuoyuan machinery Co., LTD

Guangzhou zhuoyuan machinery Co., Ltd is the earliest manufacturer of 5D6D7D theater equipment in China. It provided designated production, research and development in the early days. It also takes over OEM orders of dynamic seat which are very famous at home and abroad. Sine 2008, our company has developed with independent intellectual property rights of the motor control system platform and the special effects simulation control system,we have the patent authentication of the technology, through a few years of practice testing and shop entities management , continuous technical innovation and reducing production cost, We developed dynamic cinema equipment that can be comparable to international , both in its performance and special effects animator , the price is only one over ten comparing with the foreign equipment.




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